Healthy Eats for Teachers

Like many teachers and working Mum's I aim to serve healthy, nutritious meals to my family on a regular basis.  Does this always happen?  Ummmm, no....BUT I always plan to and that is important.

Seriously though, who has time for cooking dinner after a long day of teaching?  I know all I want to do is to put my feet up and have a liquid dinner (I'm not talking about protein shakes, ya know).  My family often has other ideas though so I need to make sure I am organised so that they won't be hungry, we won't be spending money on take away food and I won't be the size of a house by the end of term.
How do I do this, lots of planning and preparation.  I plan my meals weekly and we have a chart on the fridge so I know what I am cooking and when, this also helps me know what to take out of the freezer to defrost or what I need to put in the slow cooker in the morning (my slow cooker is my saviour!)

So planning my meals are the first step, I only plan dinners but if you need to you could also plan your lunches and breakfasts.  I usually make lunches the night before and then put them in the fridge so it is a grab and go in the morning.  I also try to make extra when I am making dinners so I can have leftovers for lunch the next day, if I didn't make extra there would be none, my family usually clean up the leftovers.

Your menu planning does not have to be fancy as you can see!  

Preparation is the second step.  I use my Sunday afternoon to chop, dice, slice and then package for the week.  I chop up all my vege's I will need for the week and store them in containers so I can steam them, add them to a salad or put them in the slow cooker.  I dice or cut any meat that I need for the week and put them into ziploc bags, then freeze or put in the fridge if I am using it in the next couple of days.  I also add any marinades to the bag for that meal.

When I have that basic preparation done I will sometimes cook a meal for the next day or get a slow cooker recipe ready to put on in the morning.

I wanted to use this page to share my meal plans and preparation and also to share some recipes that are quick, easy and nutritional for the working families.  It will keep you organised, save you money and make you feel less stressed on those busy evenings.  Sorry I can't do anything about the dirty dishes though, that is still your job :)

Full disclosure, I am not a chef, nutritionist or dietitian, just a busy working mum who needs to save money while feeding healthy meals to my hungry family.  Please let me know if any of the recipes can be improved or feel free to ask questions through the Contact Me page.  I hope you enjoy the recipes!

Greek lamb with potatoes

Chicken Cacciotore

Easy Peasy Chicken Soup

Crispy Roasted Chicken Wings

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